Voops, beklager, du har sannsynligvis gått feil, dette er en side for ekstremsport av typen lengre tekster. Du risikerer å bli sittende alt for lenge.

søndag 31. mars 2013

Coming up for air

Coming up for air

The pain in my chest is worsening
I’m craving for oxygen
Thinking that no one can hear me
leaves shivers of panic and dread
Sometimes still waiting and hoping,
sometimes giving in to despair
It is hard to picture one breaking the surface
when you're stuck and getting nowhere.

I can see your boats from down under
like scattered toys in a sunny pool
I find it hard to belive I'll ever join you,
and that your shiny world is for me too.
I grope and stumble in darkness
dragged down by thoughts and fears
oh brothers leave me a rope to cling to
I’m coming up for air

Ivar Bakke